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technet pcb defect image repository
Bob Willis SMT consult
Metcal soldering equipment
Ausimont: Vapor Phase Heating Fluids: Galden® PFPE
Hexacon Soldering Irons, Soldering Stations, Temperature Controlled Irons and Soldering Accessories
Welcome to Soldering Technology International

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Kevlar Carbon Fiber Page
Gore PCB Dielectric Materials
Thermally-conductive Dielectric polymers - Welcome to Thermagon
Kester Solder - Solderforms
SolderQuik Ball Grid Array (BGA) Preform
ESI adanced packaging
NPL EI mfring process solder interconnect

Clad AL

CirQon® :: clad ceramic
clad ceramic and pcb Products
DEC Materials
C-Mac Substrates
C-MAC Centum for HMC, Hybrid Micro Circuits, Thick Film Products, Resistor Networks, Micro
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National Semiconductor LTCC Foundry Page
DuPont Green Tape™ Design and Layout Guideline-Contents & Introduction
Microcircuit and Specialty Thick Film Materials : LTCC Materials
BTU International - LTCC - Ceramic Co-Firing
VTT LTCC - Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic
Murata Electronics North America, Inc. - Multilayer LTCC Technology
NTK LTCC Substrate Home Page
ESL Cofire (LTCC) & Transfer Tape Systems
CeramTec Elektronik

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TopLine Dummy Components. Save Money. Widest selection. Free catalog.
Residual Gas Analysis std

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Supermax E-CAD Reference Manual
Welcome to Lavenir's Website
Ivex Design International
Protel International - Making Electronic Design Easy
CAD shareware Windows and DOS on Ganggang
glip PCB Home Page
The MUCS-PCB PCB design software
XFIG Drawing Program for X Window System
XFig Version 3.2.3 User Manual

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LaserVia Library
Practical Dummy Components - Dummy Components Distributor
cad parts index .prt
IPC On-Line Resources and Databases
Data Analysis for IPC-SM-782 Land Patterns
smt info
Intel(R) Packaging Data

PCB impedance and thermal

Circuit Tree
Bogatin Enterprises - Training for Signal Integrity and Interconnect Design
UltraCAD Design, Inc's Calculators
KIC - PCB thermal sw
Free Model Foundry
Demo Access Code Form: Signal Integrity and EMC Software for High Speed PCB Design
LSI Cad FAQ Index
ScanCAD International - Leader in Scanning Technology
SIGDA Archives Page
SIGDA News Group Archives
Signal Integrity List Archives
PC Fab Table of Contents: FEBRUARY 2002
IPC - Route Designers Learning Symposium
IPC On-Line Resources and Databases
comp.lsi.cad Frequently Asked Questions With Answers (Part 3/4) [LONG]
Data Analysis for IPC-SM-782 Land Patterns


Optiprint - large PCB
ThermalWorks - hi temp enhanced PCB's
Amazing! Make your own printed circuit boards in under an hour!
Coretec Inc.FastPCB fab TO
AP Circuits PCB
Camptech II Circuits Inc.- Contacts
Capital Electro-Circuit,Inc.
Circuit Technology Inc PCB Fab Assembly
Cirtech PCB
Dyconex PCB
Eddy Electronics PCB MFR
ELTEK - Products
e-teknet Thick Film Hybrid Products
E-tecknet PCB vendor
M-Flex - Manufacturer of Flexible Circuits and Printed Circuit Boards
MPC Circuits Ottawa.
Olympus Circuits Ltd - UK Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards
Precision Circuits CanadaQuality PCB Production
Proto Engineering: pcb
Sierra Proto Express pcb
Technical www.circuitronics.com-tech
Tyco Electronics - Printed Circuit Boards & Assemblies
UPE Inc., Ottawa
US Microwaves Thin film assembliesand components
Printed Circuit Design Magazine Online
NASA Goddard Tin Whisker Homepage
NC-7 info Excellon Automation
Alpha Solders Online
prec hand drill
Elite Circuit Equipment
Glenmarc auto glue Dispensing
EMPF Website
Links to PCB Assembly Information
RE: IPC compliant Allegro PCB symbols
1647 surface mt
AccuSystems Corporation
Elmatco Vacuum Lamination
Exselect Engineering - Contact Information

Board scanning/fab services