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Energy General Links
Franklin Electric - World Electric Power Guide
Voltages Around The World - Clary Corporation
World Electric Power Guide
Help for World Travelers
Bureau of Reclamation Hydropower Program - FIST Manuals
Electrotek Power Quality Software Products


solar links

A practical domestic solar and wind power implementation
PV Power Resource Site
Indian Inst of Science - Solar & Wind links
Institut Solare Energiesysteme
Solar Energy Society of Canada
DOE:EREN Links & References
Solar Electric Power Association
Solar Energy Links

eff - payback

PV Energy Payback Time
Utrecht Univ. Report #97072 - Env Impact Solar
Utrecht Univ. Report #97090 - Understanding Energy Pay-Back
Utrecht Univ. - Publications - by year
NREL Energy Payback: Clean Energy from PV (PDF)
HomePower Mag Energy PV Payback (PDF)
ResearchPB, Inc.
DOE:EREN PV Efficiency
NREL: CIGS PV Efficiency
UNSW: High Efficiency
UNSW: Solar Cell Efficiency tables
Solar Collector Efficiency
World's Most Efficient Monolithic Solar Cell (32.3%)
World's Most Efficient high density (20sun) assemblies
NREL PV Silicon Materials Research
NREL: Issues in Thin Film PV Manufacturing Cost Reduction by Ken Zweibel


Solar Energy Introduction
NREL publications
Solar FAQ
Environmental life-cycle assessment of multicrystalline silicon solar cell modules
Photovoltaics: Unlimited Electrical Energy From the Sun by Jack L. Stone
Sandia PV Docs
RedRok Solar Links & Data
Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion: An Update By M A Green
RMSG Photovoltaics Reading List
North Carolina Solar Center's List of Publications
NCSC - Siting of Active Solar Collectors and Photovoltiac Modules
NCSC - Fact Sheets
Building Integrated PV article by S.J. Strong
NREL:NCPV Master Index
Solar Today Magazine
U Illinois: Photovoltaic Solar Energy
How solar cells work
DOE:EREN Amorphous Silicon
Shell: The Photovoltaic Effect 0
Silicon Spectral Response
CORD: Responsivity as a function of wavelength for typical silicon photodiodes
UNSW: Device Research Report - High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells
NASA:GSFC: Electromagnetic Spectrum
Electromagnetic Spectrum - Black Body Curves
Blackbody Radiation
Energy Sources and Radiometric Principles
LBL:ALS Electromagnetic Spectrum
JTA: The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Scotsman - Photovoltaics Introduction
NREL: PV Silicon Materials Research
How it works by Canivan


Home Power mag
SolarToday mag.
Journal of Solar Energy Engineering
ANZSES - Solar Progress (magazine)
Energy from Nature by Rainbow Power Co.
The UPVG Record - Utility PhotoVoltaic Group

solar org

Canadian Solar Industries Association
Solar Energy Society Canada
Solar Energy Industries Association
American Solar Energy Society
Solar Energy Lab
US National Solar Power Research Institute
US National Renewable Energy lab
US National Centre for PhotoVoltaics
US DOE - PhotoVoltaics
Solar Energy Alliance
ISES: International Solar Energy Society
Sandia PV Program
North Carolina Solar Centre
FSEC: Photovoltaics
ANZSES Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society
NREL:SERF Solar Energy Research Facility
PVSM Photovoltaic Suppliers & Manufacturers Assoc. - South Africa
Arizona Solar Centre
California Solar Center
The Georgia Solar Society

solar mfr

BP Solar
ASE Solar
AstroPower PV
UniSolar PV
Global Solar
Spire Solar
Shell Solar
EverGreen Solar
Boeing - SpectroLab
Ebara Solar
First Solar
Sun Power Corp.

PV sales

Solar Panel Price Surveys
Solar Century
Six River Solar
Matrix Solar Tech.
Solar PV on Plastic
Backwoods Solar
Plugging into the Sun
Solar lighting
CheapestSolar: Alternative Power Components, Products and Systems
Cheap Solar
Altair Energy Solar PV systems
ASE Solar Power Companion 1
Northern Arizona: Wind & Sun
Solar Services Inc.
Communications International: CI Solar Supplies Co.
Sovran Energy Inc. - Solar & PV
Thermomax PV
Holinger-Solar (Swiss German)
Wind and Sun (UK)
Solar Electric Systems & Solar Panels
Energy Photovoltaics, Inc.
Mr. Solar
Solar Expert
Schott - Applied Power
PowerLight Corp.
Penturbia Solar
SunWatt - France/India
PV Power Corp. - Florida
Solar Software (Danish)
Awesome Solar
Reid Tech (New Zealand)
Able Solar (New Zealand)
Sun Electronics (Florida)
Len Brook Solar
Solar Solutions
Solar Panel Portal


Solar Thermal
SunTherm Solar Thermal
Solar Tower - Strom aus der Wüste
Solar Tower - EnviroMission Limited
Sun Utility
Webconx Solar Thermal
FSEC: Solar Energy
Solar Cooking Archive
Solar Roofs
Sun Slates
Solar Roof Tiles - UniSolar
Solar Roof Tiles - Jade Mountain
SDZ34 - Solar Tiles
Solar Tiles
AstroPower Solar PV tiles
PowerLight PowerGuard


Sandia: PV Weather Centre
NREL: US Nat Solar Radiation Data Base
World Radiation Centre - Solar Constant
VIRGO Satellite
NASA: ACRIM Satellite
Solar Position & Intensity (code)
Irradiance data
US Nat Solar Radiation Data Base UM
Solar4Power: Global Solar Power Maps
Solar UK Research Facility
Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy Data Set
RETScreen Int. PV Software
SusDesign SunPosition (Javascript)
Online-Photoperiod Calculator (Javascript)
AUSLIG - Sunrise/Sunset Times
NASA: Surface meteorology and Solar Energy Data Set (release 3)


WaveGen - Wave Power
Ocean Motion International
2000/11/16 : BBC : Making waves to generate cash
2000/11/20 : BBC : How it works: Wave power station


Ground Source Heat Pump
Water Furnace
Canadian Earth Energy Association
CEEA GeoThermal Links
Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory - Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, Inc.
International Ground Source Heat Pump Association
DOE:EREN GeoThermal
DeMarco - Energy Miser
FHP: Florida Heat Pump - Geothermal
GeoExchange - Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium
CalEnergy (Various projects)
EliteSoft (Geothermal Engineering Software)


DOE:EREN: Hydrogen Energy Topics
Thermodynamic Systems Co. - Hydrogen Appliances
United States Hydrogen & The American Hydrogen Association
NEA/NSC: Nuclear Production of Hydrogen
Stuart Energy: Hydrogen Generators using Water Electrolysis
Hydrogen Systems
Hydrogenics Corp.
Melis Energy -
Don Lancaster's "Its a Gas" Hydrogen Library
Iceland's 21st Century Energy Policy
General Hydrogen
CSA: Hydrogen Storage
HFCLetter: Berkeley/NREL Team Develops Green-Algae-Based Renewable H2 Production Technique
California Hydrogen Business Council
The Hydrogen Energy Center
NREL: Hydrogen Research
ISeaU: Microalgae
CChem: IONEX-type O-P Catalyst
JAERI: Hydrogen Production Using a Thermochemical Process Made Possible with the Use of a Ceramic Membrane


Foolproof biodiesel process: Journey to Forever
Biomass Org.
Biomass & Bioenergy
Composting Greenhouse with Straw Bale Foundation
US National Biodiesel Board
WebConX - BioFuels
Biofuels for Sustainable Transport (UK Policy site)
Energy and Dollar Costs of Ethanol Production with Corn by David Pimentel
World Ethanol Production and Trade to 2000 and Beyond
The Online Distillery Network for Distilleries & Fuel Ethanol Plants Worldwide
UK EcoCentre on Biomass
Henry Ford, Charles Kettering and the "Fuel of the Future" by Bill Kovarik
JTF Biofuels
Amaize Energy
Ontario - Burning Shelled Corn as a Heating Fuel
BioDiesel - Hawaii
DOE BioFuels
UN:FAO Contribution of Woodfuels to the Energy Sector
US: EPA: Methanol Basics
Methanol Institute
Dr. Koop on Methanol
Novel Methanol Production: Conversion of CO2 to Methanol Using Enzymes
Estimating the Net Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol by Hosein Shapouri, James A. Duffield and Michael S. Graboski
(PDF) US: NREL: Life Cycle Inventory of Biodiesel and Petroleum Diesel for Use in an Urban Bus
Biodiesel Handbook
Biodiesel in Europe 2000
Uncle Mark's Alternative Fueling Station
Renewable Fuels Association


Danish Windpower
Wind Energy Businesses in the World by Business Name
Canadian Wind Energy Assoc.
American Wind Energy Assoc
European Wind Energy Assoc
British Wind Energy Assoc
Australian Wind Energy Assoc
European Wind Energy Assoc
Wind Power monthly
Wind Energy Research Group
Canadian Hydro Developers Inc.
AltEnergy Store - Wind
Wind Turbine Industries Corp.
Vision Quest Windelectric Inc.
PicoTurbine (Small Wind Power - Free plans)
DIY Windmill (Hugh Piggott)
Wind Turbine Warehouse
Wind & Sun UK
World Watch on farm wind turbines
ATSE: Energy for Ever: Technological Challenges of Sustainable Growth - Wind energy
Green Mountain Windfarm
Bergey Windpower Co.
Aermotor Windmill Co., Inc.
The Penryn Windmill Construction Book
New Wind Energy - Community Energy, Inc.
Mondo wind links
Quick Start Wind Energy Primer
Small Wind Energy Systems
BTM (Danish) Various wind reports
WindFlow (NZ)
NEG Micon Wind Turbines
Iskra Wind Turbines (UK)
US Wind Power Museum

fuel cell

Fuel Cells 2000's Frequently Asked Questions Page
Global Thermoelectric Inc. Generators and Fuel Cells
Global Thermoelectric Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Webconx Fuel Cells
MetallicPower Zinc/Air Fuel Cells
GE Microgen Fuel Cell
Ballard Fuel Cells
XCELLSIS - The Fuel Cell Engine Company
International Fuel Cells
Fuel Cells Energy
IdaTech Fuel Cells
World Fuel Cell Council
US National Fuel Cell Research Centre
PlugPower Fuel Cells
Warsitz Enterprises Inc.
Fuel Cell Store
HPower Fuel Cells
GreenVolt Power Corp. - Fuel Cells
Coleman: AirGen Fuel Cell
Pyrotechnics FAQ

battery management


Advanced Battery Systems Inc. : Product List
SPAN Inc. - Standard Battery Chargers
PowerDesigners - Electrical Engineering and Design Solutions That MAXIMIZE Battery Performance
Battery Charging Products
Cadex chargers
NA Ware - portable battery mgmt

battery test

Welcome to Arbin Instruments
SAIC: SBR smart battery reader


Visit the ACT Web Site
ACPI - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
IAL - Technology Directory
Intel Power Monitor
Xicor Battery Management
Linux on an FIC Birch-Plus Notebook (and its stencil models)
Directory of /linux-sbs
[fmII] - Default branch of project sbsutils
MCC Home Page
Philips Semiconductors; I2C-bus; Support and tools;
Welcome to PowerSmart
Microchip - PowerSmart®
Microchip PowerSmart® Battery Management Development Tools
ambit micro battery Gauge Module
Smart Battery Monitor with DS2437
Smart Battery System IF Home Page
SBS Tools
SBS Home
SBS IF Specifications
SMBus Specifications
SoftTools Home Page
linux Laptop Control Panel Handbook: Installation


Battery Recall Program

BatteryDesignCo Table of Contents Page
Emerging Power Inc. | Products
Exide Electronics_ UPS & Power Management Software
GP Batteries (UK) Ltd., - Introductory page
GP Batteries
Harding Energy Inc., World Leaders in Battery Technology
Moltech Corporation
Welcome to Moltech Power Systems
National Power Corporation: SM 202 -
NEC Moli Energy (Canada) Limited - Home Page
Novagate Communications Corporation
Panasonic OEM Batteries
PolyStor Corporation
Polystor Lithium-ion Products


a2z Mobile Office Solutions - Batteries - Laptop/Notebook
millenium batteries
HK-Batteries Notebook Rechargeable
Cadex Smart Battery list
ë¹ì ¼battery sales
Toshiba U.S.A.
TOTEX - Notebook Battery Pack Specifications